TAC (Teen Alliance Council)


TAC’s primary purpose is to bring youth from Warren County school districts together to develop leaders in preventing sexual and dating violence among their peers. The program is designed to be student-led, adult facilitated; while recognizing youth engagement is both a process and a desired outcome. The program aims at providing a range of rolls for youth while providing them with opportunities to become leaders in addition to participants.

There are three main elements created to encourage participation and skill development involving youth in decision-making and leadership:

  1. Education about the dynamics and root causes of sexual and dating violence, and how this issue impacts the lives of youth in Warren County.
  2. Teaching skills that enable youth to educate and facilitate discussions among their peers, and to take action on the issues of sexual and teen dating violence.
  3. Development of leadership by encouraging civic responsibility through community service and participation in Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.

Through this program students have a greater knowledge of health disparities in our community. Students are given tools, resources, and opportunities for action steps toward positive change.